upper east side collection

Do you ever have moments in your life where things slow down around you? This happens to me when I'm absorbing inspiration and it happened to me the day I went to the Met in New York City.

As I walked up fifth avenue towards the gallery, I was instantly taken by its beauty. The stage was set for what was to be an uplifting and memorable experience. I took in the ManusxMachina exhibit, an haute couture exhibit curated by Andrew Bolton and Anna Wintour. I was captivated and absorbed with the details in each and every work of art until, out of the basement shadows emerged a young Japanese woman dressed in traditional kimono attire. She drew me out of my fantasy world and into another. Her kimono echoed the cherry blossoms blooming outside in Central Park, she was elegant and charming. I took many photos at the Costume Institute that day. Yet not one photo do I have of this beautiful being.  By the time I found the nerve to ask her for a photo, she was gone and seemed to have disappeared into the shadows in which she emerged. It’s almost better that it played out that way. She left her mark. An indelible imprint of emotions, best characterized as elegance and romance. A wave of inspiration washed over me. No photo would have done it justice.

The overwhelming subtlety of the Japanese womans' presence, contrasted with Gareth Pugh and Alexander McQueen's flamboyant works of art; the blooming blossoms throughout central park nearby, contrasted with white stone buildings along Fifth avenue are the experiences that inspired my Upper East Side Collection.

If I could relive that day again I would do it wearing this collection.



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